Any contributions are appreciated. Our main goal for monetary donations will go to help pay for a new residential home. We are planning on using this home to help residents break the bondage of unhealthily living by learning the skills necessary to move to independence, safe, healthy, and productive adults.

office donations

Current Needs

Please make an in-kind donations or volunteer your time.

  • Volunteer Opportunities:
    • Financial Planning, Transportation, Health & Wellness, Life Skills Training, Mentor, and Art Therapy Classes.
  • Male Clients:
    • shampoo/conditioners,body wash, lotions, razors/shaving cream, socks, etc.
  • Female Clients:
    • shampoo/conditioners, body wash, lotion towels, socks, etc.
  • Childern:
    • socks, pajamas, shampoo, body wash/lotion, webs, notes books, etc.
  • Other needs:
    • paper towel, tissue, etc.