Our Counseling model, Support Group meeting, and Case Management Services provides a well-rounded approach to help identify barriers, encourage healthy lifestyle and achieve personal goals.

Our mental health licensed, professional therapists provide a safe space to talk about the problems the person is struggling with. They also support those who experience mental and emotional distress by managing: depression, stress, anxiety, self-esteem, anger, and relationships.

Our licensed, professional therapists conduct substance abuse assessment and mental health assessments evaluation provides emotional support to individuals, conduct one-on-one, and relationship psychotherapy sessions to overcome their dependency and become self-sufficient. The therapist works with the client to help him/her heal from the trauma inflicted by addiction.

Individuals who want to or are ordered to attend the anger management class, are encouraged to take the assessment first. Reasons: the assessment will help identify other areas he/she would need to work on.
The anger management assessment and/or class are not limited to court orders. They can be ordered by a parole officer, probation officer, employer, family member, attorney, etc.

Purpose of the class: Has anger become a habit for you? How?

  1. Learn to effectively manage anger
  2. Stop the threat of violence
  3. Improve self-control over thoughts and actions
  4. Obtain positive support from others

Court Ordered Anger Management assessment: 1-hour evaluation.
Anger Management classes/counseling: 4 to 32 hours – based on the evaluation.

The instructor helps parents obtain skills needed to raise physically, psychologically, and emotionally healthy children. The instructor helps increase a parent’s understanding of child development and works with parents to help their child learn, grow, and develop to meet their full potential.

In person/Virtual Classes available. - 8,12, 16 or 32-hours options

The life skills class serves as a source of motivation and inspiration that encourage individuals or families to navigate through barriers that’s prevent success. The staff works with individuals and families to learn skills to understand decision-making, problem-solving, resume assistance, mock interviewing, and suiting options for job readiness.

Domestic violence can be a single act or a repetition of behavior in relationships, Domestic violence can happen to anybody, and it is present in every community, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, socioeconomic status, religion, or nationality.

Regardless of of being a male or female you must not remain silent. “Talk with a friend, family member, coworker, or neighbor about domestic violence”.

  • Medicaid/Pregnancy Insurance
  • Housing Search/HARK NWA/Rental/Utilities
  • Childcare Voucher
  • Social Security Card
  • Birth Certification
  • Job Readiness Awareness
  • Job Search

  • Individuals sharing their experiences can help him/her face and work through personal problems
  • Aim to help individuals build and maintain healthy relationships
  • Share words of encouragement and healthy habits with allies struggling
  • Meet other people who are coping and want to share their stories in a safe setting
  • Group sizes are limited for social distancing
  • Date/Time may vary
Monday - Friday
By appointment

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